Residential Treatment

We know that struggling with an addiction and a psychiatric disorder at the same time isn’t easy. In fact, you may feel like there is no way out. But there is hope. And Clearview Treatment Programs can make a difference.

At Clearview’s Center for Addictions and Mental Health Disorders, a residential treatment center in Los Angeles, clients work with therapists who help them address their substance abuse disorder and mental health condition so they can make a complete recovery from both. Each client receives an individualized treatment plan tailored to their specific diagnosis to ensure that they get the treatment they need.

Residential Treatment Center for Addictions and Mental Health Disorders in Los Angeles

Meet Lynn Salvatore, Psy. D. -Clearview’s Residential Treatment Programs Clinical Director

With over 20 years of proven experience, Clearview can help you or a loved one on the path to recovery from a dual diagnosis.

What Our Center Treats

At Clearview’s Center for Addictions and Mental Health Disorders for all genders, our integrated evidence-based approach to dual diagnoses helps our clients address and successfully resole the underlying causes of their substance abuse while successfully treating:

Treatment at Clearview involves a variety of evidence-based therapies that provide clients with the skills needed to maintain their sobriety and address their mental health issues. We give our clients the skills needed to succeed, both during their time at our residential treatment center and beyond.

At our residential treatment center for addiction and psychiatric disorders, clients participate in intensive group and individual therapy that includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) , motivational interviewing, and mindfulness.

In addition to evidence-based onsite therapy groups and sessions, clients participate in daily 12-step meetings in the community, as well as 12-step study groups.

Residential Treatment: Primary vs. Extended Care

Depending on each client’s needs, they either enter the primary residential treatment or the residential extended care. Both dual diagnosis residential treatments are for all genders.

Primary residential treatment is appropriate for clients who are just beginning their recovery journeys, or if they need more support than what outpatient treatment or individual therapy can provide. At our dual diagnosis residential primary care treatment program, there is a 30-day minimum stay and detox services are available.

Residential extended care provides a bridge between the intensity of a 30-day residential treatment program and living independently. This treatment program was designed to help slowly transition clients back into their daily lives by providing vocational and life skills assistance. Our residential extended care program is appropriate for clients who have been through addiction treatment before but continue to relapse, or for clients that need more support after completing their stay at another addiction treatment

No matter which residential treatment program clients enter, they will be living in a comfortable, luxurious home in Venice Beach, about one mile from the coast.
DBT for Trauma and Alcohol Abuse

Why Choose Clearview for Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Clearview Treatment Programs was founded in 2000 and is nationally recognized as a leader in treatment for addictions and psychiatric disorders. We specialize in treating complex diagnoses, allowing us to provide help to those who may not even have believed they could make a recovery.

Clearview is also one of the few programs in the country that offers comprehensive dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for treating dual diagnoses. DBT is extremely effective in treating substance abuse and a variety of psychiatric disorders, which is why we’ve integrated it throughout our residential dual diagnosis treatment program along with other evidence-based therapies.

At Clearview’s dual diagnosis residential treatment program, we have a team of people committed to helping our clients succeed in their recoveries. We offer a complete continuum of care so that clients can enter our residential treatment program and step down into day treatment and outpatient treatment as appropriate, allowing them to feel fully supported until they’re ready to return home.